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Harness the Power of Collaboration, Data Visualization, and Data Integration With Google’s Data Studio

  • Google’s Data Studio creates shareable internal reporting that keeps collaborative teams informed of initiative and progress.

  • Google’s Data Studio distills the complexity of Google Analytics into compact, easy-to-read reports.

What Is Data Studio, Really?

Google’s Data Studio is a reporting and visualization platform. It works like this: you connect Data Studio to sources of data/information like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Databases. Data Studio integrates these multiple data sources into one single report with infinite customization.

It’s a lot like Tableau–but better. We get this question a lot. Data Studio is a pound-for-pound substitute for Tableau–same broad functionality, same ability to connect to multiple data sources, but with better collaboration features, since Data Studio uses the document sharing system in Google Docs that you’re already using.

What we’d like to do is leverage our decade-long experience delivering high-impact SEO, and our experience as Adwords managers, and Analytics consultants to leverage Data Studio to make your marketing more informative and more productive.

What Can You Do With Data Studio?

If you have ever jumped back and forth between Adwords and Analytics to see in-depth data unique to either of those platforms, Data Studio is for you. If you’ve ever shared a report with a coworker by exporting a spreadsheet from Google Adwords, Data Studio empowers you to present that data in a shareable, attractive report.

Now, say you have a database that stores information on sales at 10 different locations–Data Studio can even integrate that data into one centralized reporting platform. The data integration possibilities are nearly endless.

Data Studio is particularly valuable for marketing teams that are summoned to make presentations to sales & management. Managers and business owners love Data Studio reports because it presents only the information they need to see without having to navigate through irrelevant sections of Google Analaytics or Google Adwords.

The visualization options are nearly limitless. If you can imagine a way to present data in a chart, in a table, in a graph, chances are that it is possible with Data Studio.