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We’ve Offered Our SEO Audit Services to Dozens of Company in Texas & Beyond

We’ve proven our skills at Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing, Digital Analytics and much more in our near 20-year history.

TastyPlacement offers stand-alone SEO Audit Services. Are you reviewing your marketing prowess? Buying or selling a company or division? Or maybe you are a marketing professional trying to do forensics or chart a new course. In any case, an SEO Audit is your most powerful tool.

TastyPlacement’s SEO Audit Team:

Michael David

Founder & Chief Strategist

Michael David founded TastyPlacement and serves as the head of search. He does most of the intermediate coding and meets with new clients, and serves as the principal architect on all search campaigns.

Matthew Bey

VP of Operations

Matthew Bey is a marketing strategist, content writer, search analyst, and web designer. He is an accomplished science fiction writer and one of the leading editorial forces behind the Space Squid Sci-Fi Comedy Zine.

Mariah Fisher

PPC Analyst

Mariah moved to Austin in 2011, from the Carolinas, and quickly fell in love with the state of Texas. She attended Texas State University and obtained her bachelors in Business Administration. She loves spending time with family & friends and exploring new places. She feels Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s coffee addiction on a personal level and she also loves potato egg and cheese breakfast tacos.

Full-Featured, Thorough, Meaningful SEO Audits:

SEO Audit

SEO Audit Topics

Task Detail
Analysis of Website Architecture
  • Search engine “bot” crawlability
  • Indexability of the website, with a view to both over-indexing and under-indexing
  • Page Structure
  • Utilization of both on and off page SEO best practices
  • Itemized core improvement areas and site update recommendations
  • Duplicate page/duplicate content check
  • Keyword cannibalism check
Server-Level Architecture
  • Load speed benchmarking and testing
  • Review of media resources with recommendations
  • SSL/https testing
  • Security review with recommendations
Server Optimization
  • Server speed check
  • Actionable recommendations to improve server site speed
Keyword Analysis
  • Utilize keyword selector tools for keyword analysis to determine relevant keyword clusters and targeted keyword lists
  • Conduct additional keyword analysis around related keywords and keyword phrases
  • Strategically select list of target keyword phrases and present selection in a Keyword Analysis Summary Report
Compatibility Testing
  • Cross-browser testing with recommendations
  • Mobile browser testing with recommendations
  • HTML & CSS markup code testing with recommendations
Rank Position Report
  • Rank tracking report for up to 100 representative keywords
Competitive Benchmarking
  • A benchmark SEO search engine results page standings of core keywords and search phrases
  • A benchmark comparison of search engine results page standings for the site as compared to its selected competitors
Content Check
  • Review and recommendations for titles and meta tags
  • Review and recommendations for on-page content
  • Recommendations for handling images
Link Analysis
  • Report of the popularity and trustworthiness of existing inbound links
Sales Funnel Analysis
  • Architecture recommendation for analytics installation and goal tracking
  • Analysis of sales flow with recommendations
Social Engagement
  • Review and recommendations for implementation of social sharing features