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Adwords Mobile App Install Ad Management With TastyPlacement

Introduction to Mobile App Install Ads with Google Adwords (and Facebook, too)

If you’ve found this page your probably have learned that Google offers Mobile App Install Ads. App Install Ads work much like regular Google text ads except that instead of a click to your website, the ads take users to your mobile app install page within Google Play.

For companies hoping to secure more install of its apps, this marketing feature is as targeted as it gets.

  • App Install Ads Work Like This:

    See the screenshot to the right. If a mobile user queries “text apps for android”, the user is shown mobile app install ads along with Google’s other features. You can see the green action text reads, “Download on Google Play.” Users are directed immediately to your app page on Google Play.

  • Why App Install Ads Work

    You control the query terms that trigger ad displays–just like with regular Google adwords text ads. You control the time of day, geographic region, and bid prices. You also control whether the ads display on desktop at all. So ideally, you can target to exactly the customer that is most likely to download your app.

  • What About Ad Campaign Performance?

    So what kind of prices and performance can you expect from mobile app install ads? We’ve seen app install prices from $2 per install to just over $10 in hyper-competitive markets. Pricing depends on the market competition for ad bids. Of course, a campaign optimized over time can get prices down.

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Other Features of Mobile App Ads

  • Mobile App Engagement Ads

    You can also remarket/retarget to your existing app users! Remember, many users download an app and have low engagement. Engagement ads target your existing app owners and encourage add-on purchases and engagemen/use of the app.

  • We Leverage Google’s Most Advanced Features

    We leverage the full breadth of Google’s most new, advanced, and powerful features. We go way beyond simple search ads with complex targeting options.

  • TastyPlacement: The Ultimate App Install Ad Partner

    What better app isntall ad partner than TastyPlacement? We’ve got dedicated Google Adwords Certified specialists, and we are one of only 4 Google Analytics Certified Partners in Texas.

Meet Mariah Fisher, Google-Certified Adwords Professional

Mariah Fisher

Mariah Fisher

Paid Search Dept.

"Mariah moved to Austin in 2011, from the Carolinas, and quickly fell in love with the state of Texas. She attended Texas State University and obtained her bachelors in Business Administration. She loves spending time with family & friends and exploring new places. She feels Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s coffee addiction on a personal level and she also loves potato egg and cheese breakfast tacos."

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