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How TastyPlacement Takes Analytics, Testing, and Optimization to the Next Level

We are harnessing the full power of available digital performance metrics to show you insights into your customer behavior that you will never have dreamed were possible. We go way beyond simple metrics like “bounce rate” and “time on site”. We are interested in the next level of customer insight, customized segmentation that can isolate customer behavior down to any dimension: time of day, device, city, country, monitor size, etc.

Our Customized Analytics Installations (Included in Campaigns) Can Show You:

  • What time of day are customers kicking tires, and when they are buying
  • Whether your mobile visitors converting into customers at a rate higher or lower than tablet & desktop users
  • Which state/city’s visitors are most likely to make a purchase
  • Your website’s load time for visitors in any nation on earth
  • And THOUSANDS of additional metrics, combinations, and variations

Analytics by Device

Case Study: Texas Visitors, Conversion Rate by Device

The screen to the left shows a highly customized Google Analytics installation segmented to show only Texas visitors (we filtered out less-relevant traffic from offshore “consultants” and spam bots to get a real picture of real customers). Next, we isolated out desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

What We Want to Know About Our Visitors

And by isolating desktops/laptops/mobile phones, we can compare the holy grail of metrics: conversion rate. In other words, we can determine which devices are bringing the buyers. In this example we learned that tablet buyers purchased at the highest rate while mobile visitors were the least likely to purchase.

This information lets us optimize design elements for high-performing devices, let’s us adjust PPC campaigns toward or away from particular devices, and more.

PPC Analytics

Case Study: Conversion Rate By Ad Campaign

If you run multiple campaigns in Google Adwords, our custom analytics installations can isolation your conversion rate by ad campaign. This identifies low-performing (and high-performing!) ad campaigns quickly and with precision. Great campaigns can be pushed forward, and poor campaigns can be ditched quickly. The screen at left shows an analytics installation customized to compare conversion rates by ad campaign.

Combine Analytics With Experimentation

Now, the ability to isolate and identify the best and the worst campaigns so quickly means that an experimental campaign can be undertaken with far less risk–and far more reward if it succeeds. An example: we developed and tested a specific campaign on behalf of a client to target a unique, rural, under-served market: West Texas. The experiment paid off: it turns out that other companies were missing the opportunity. Our advanced analytics capabilities kept us informed of our performance by the minute.

Why We Like Google Analytics, and Why You Should Too

We are often asked, “Why Google Analytics? Aren’t there much more powerful enterprise platforms available?” Yes, there are many available platforms, but we think Google Analytics is a great choice because:
  • Google Analytics is free. It keeps costs down, and they aren’t going to go out of business.
  • Google Analytics offers the most complete integration with Google Adwords, which brings tremendous clarity to an Adwords campaign.
  • Google Analytics is adept at filtering out meaningless bot traffic–this keeps your data clean