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Advanced Tag Manager Implementation and Consulting With TastyPlacement

Fully Analytics Certified With Google Tag Manager Specialization

TastyPlacement is a Google Analytics Certified Partner agency (very different from individual Analytics certification, read why certification matters). You can see our GACP Certification with Tag Manager specialization here.

Why TastyPlacement for Tag Manager Implementation?

TastyPlacement is much more than an agency that has reached the highest level of certification possible in Tag Manager: we are also a full-blown marketing agency that offers SEO, pay-per-click management and display advertising, social media marketing, and more. It is this range of experience that brings depth to every campaign we undertake.

What You Can Do With Google Tag Manager

Your website (as well as your apps) use a range of tags to perform a range of functions such as the following:

  • a tracking code that enables Google Analytics or other tracking software
  • a tracking code to track conversions in Google Adwords
  • a string of code to track users for remarketing purposes for systems such as Google Adwords or Adroll

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system: GTM enables one single container that we/you install on your website and then any tags needed to be run on your website are managed through the GTM interface.

This single management system, at this base level, brings simplicity and reliability to your web tracking; but read on because there is much more you can do with Google Tag Manager.

Getting Advanced With Google Tag Manager

Beyond the benefits of a single management system, you can also implement the following:

  • Google Tag Manager verifies most tags before going live–this reduces errors in tag implementation
  • GTM is ideal for organizations that simply cannot give full website edit access to all members of the organization; with GTM, the security of your website is maintained
  • GTM offers levels of access within its system, so access to some tags can be allowed and others restricted
  • You can choose to trigger the firing of website tags based on a wide range of conditions, such as whether a user is using a desktop computer or a laptop computer; we published a study on how we implemented a click-to-call feature solely for phone users with GTM
  • GTM truly is limitless: complete security, complete versatility of tag possibilities, and nearly infinite triggering capabilities