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Advanced Display Ad Management With TastyPlacement

Introduction to Online Display Ad Marketing

Display ads are programs offered by both Google and Facebook that place an image/graphic ad on website properties throughout the web. You’ve seen millions of display ads in your life because millions of website show display ads. So what is the power of online display ad marketing? Say you sell bicycle parts. With display ads, you can place your graphic ads on websites where bicycle enthusiasts congregate, or on social media sites where customers have expressed an interest in cycling. Display ads are powerful tools in your online marketing plan.

Here’s a Sample Display Ad in the Wild:


Leverage Powerful Display Ads With Google and Facebook

  • TastyPlacement: The Ultimate Display Ad Partner

    What better partner than TastyPlacement? We’ve got dedicated Google Adwords Certified specialists, and we are one of only 3 Google Analytics Certified Partners in Texas.

  • We Advertise Directly to Your Customers

    We can place ads where your customers are. We can target by interests, or target individual website where you know your customers already are.

  • We Leverage Google’s Most Advanced Features

    We leverage the full breadth of Google’s most new, advanced, and powerful features. We go way beyond simple search ads with complex targeting options.

Meet Dan Fjerstad, Google-Certified Adwords Professional

Meet Dan Fjerstad

Meet Dan Fjerstad

Paid Search Dept.

“I am Dan Fjerstad, and I head up TastyPlacement’s paid search department. I have made my career helping businesses like yours stretch your advertising dollar farther than you’ve ever imagined possible. We are using techniques most other firms aren’t aware of, and we are leveraging all of Google and Facebook’s latest offerings. Reach out to us for an evaluation of what you might be missing. “

And Don’t Forget the Power of Analytics