Your Customers Are Mobile-Ready…Are You?

Mobile Website Design and Mobile Marketing

What happens when a mobile user browses to your site? Mobile browsers do not render 99% of web pages in the same manner as a PC browser. And so, your users might see a meaningless jumble of images and text, with no visible navigation; Don’t expect to turn one of these millions of mobile browsing customers into a sale.

When we first wrote this page in 2008, we were way ahead of the curve. Now, the move to mobile is even more compelling.

The numbers of mobile users continue to increase with each passing month. We typically see our clients with a percentage of mobile users between 5% and 10% of total website visitors, although a few of our clients have 30% of their website traffic originate from mobile devices.


Automatic Mobile Browser Detection & Fully Responsive Mobile Design

Responsive Mobile Design
If you visit this site from a mobile browser, you’ll automatically be directed to a slimmed-down version of our site that is specifically design for mobile browsers. This automatic detection provides a seamless experience for your mobile customers. After all, Google delivers search results to mobile devices, why not give your customers the mobile experience they expect.

We achieve this automatic browser detection with some advanced server-side coding that we have tested on several servers and with about 25 mobile browsers and hand-held devices.


The Mobile User: High Income, Decision Maker, Ready to Buy

Mobile Design
The number of web pages served in the US to mobile browsers (PDAs, phones, handhelds, etc.) is expected to soon reach 1% of all internet pages served. Naturally, mobile browsers tend to be higher income and represent a higher percentage of business decision-makers than your average browser. Also, mobile browsers tend to be closer to a purchase point: in a car looking for a product, or traveling, etc.

The number of mobile searches, and mobile browser pages requested is rising quickly. Google is already anticipating a future where mobile users will make up a significant percentage of web traffic. With TastyPlacement, you’ll get superior design and superior vision to capture these affluent customers.

Generally, we install mobile browser versions with all our SEO and web design packages. Contact us to learn more.


More Than Just a Pretty Mobile Site

Mobile SiteOur mobile sites are more than just pretty mobile versions of websites. They are technically advanced, and appear elegantly in a wide range of browsers. Browser detection is done according to standards set by Google, so you won’t have indexing or ranking problems with your mobile site. Our mobile sites are very lean and very fast–so they load quickly and enjoy favor with search engines.

Get yours today, and stop missing out on web traffic and customers you are losing.

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