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Advanced Google Ads [Adwords] Remarketing With TastyPlacement

Introduction to Remarketing (Adwords/Google Flavored)

Remarketing is a form of internet advertising whereby a visitor to a business’ website is “tagged” via a Google-administered browser cookie and thereafter, display ads “follow” the web user and ads appear on website properties within the google advertising system.

This white paper will outline (and might make you an expert yourself) what we see as the most important benefits and ins-and-outs of a Google remarketing campaign. (We are Certified Google Partners).


Examples of Remarketing ads “in the wild”
Note the prestigious placement on

Who Can Benefit From Adwords Remarketing

Remarketing can benefit businesses that sell products/services with sales cycle exceeding 1 day–where a customer is evaluating a purchase and remains in the “decision stage” for a little bit of time. While that consumer is considering a choice, remarketing reinforces memory and customer engagement and invites the consumer to return to a business’ website for a second chance to convert them to a customer.

Great (and not-so-great) Businesses for Remarketing

Remarketing works great in these sample industries:

  • Home buying/Real Estate
  • Elective medical like Lasik, cosmetic surgery, dental
  • Large home services purchases
  • Premium/Luxury/Tech
  • Travel

Remarketing is not so effective here (near immediate sales cycle) because buyers of these services/goods purchase immediately and are unlikely to buy again:

  • Locksmith
  • AC Repair/Home repair
  • Emergency medical
  • Towing
  • Impulse purchasing

Why We Love Adwords Remarketing (and Use it Too)

We are both buyers of remarketing in the Google Adwords system on our own behalf (after visiting this page, you might see some ads “follow” you), and we create and manage remarketing campaigns for our clients.

Laser-Focused Targeting

We are an ad agency–so our customers make cautious, deliberate decisions about signing up. Our remarketing ads focus our efforts on a nearly perfect target class: prior visitors to our website. Our remarketing reinforces our brand and brings visitors back to our website while they are in the “consideration” part of the purchase cycle. Consider the value to you if you can market so directly to this target audience.

Placement on Premium Properties

Adwords Remarketing puts display ads on premium national properties like FoxNews and nearly all major newspapers–this placement lends prestige to any business, and will guarantee plenty of display impressions.

What You Can Expect: Costs & Responsibilities

While many providers offer remarketing programs, Google remarketing is the best place to start: Google has the largest network of participating publishers (the websites where your display ad will appear to your website visitors). Google also has the best integration with your existing adwords campaign, and the best integration with Google Analytics, which you may already be using.

Google remarketing requires a Google account and is billed by credit card automatically. It also requires display ads (offered as part of our service).

Google remarketing does have limits: if a user clears their web browser cache, then the web cookie is cleared and remarketing will no longer display ads to those users. Also, many cookie-blocking web browser add-ons will block remarketing. But even with these limitations, you will likely generate 1000’s of impressions and plenty of clicks.

Extremely Low Per-Click Rates

If you’ve ever bought pay per click (PPC) ads, you’ll know that you bid for, and pay for, each user that clicks through to your site. In an environment where a PPC click is $10, you can expect to pay about $1.30 for a remarketing click–that’s only 15% of the cost to acquire a web visitor for the first time. One could argue that the second website visit is even worth more to a business than a first-time visitor, because this user has now engaged twice with a website and is closer to a purchase decision. In any case, remarketing clicks are going to be a great deal, very inexpensive relative to their value.


Note: “Cost Per Click” is only $1.56 for a web visitor’s 2nd visit–a great deal
Freebie: 96,151 impressions–and impressions are FREE with Google Remarketing

The Best Part of Remarketing Is 100% Free

Here’s our favorite part of remarketing: thousands of free display ad impressions. See just above for a screenshot showing nearly 100,000 free impressions in a campaign that only cost $192 over a few months. Google only charges you if a user clicks on your remarketing ad–if your ad displays and the user doesn’t click, you don’t pay for that impression (unless you elect a per-impression type of campaign).

Think about that: someone has visited your website and then for the next 30 days (or a shorter period, as strategy dictates) dozens or hundreds of display ads are show to that user. Even if the user doesn’t click, you are still enjoying tremendous advertising benefit at no charge.

Some Imagination, Some Extra Precision

Now, open your mind to extra layers of strategy: there are many ways that remarketing can be even further fine-tuned.

For example, we can configure remarketing to apply only to specific products–remarketing ads that display only to visitors to a particular website page. Example: website visitors come to a dentist’s website, and we’ll use 3 sample pages: a page about the Invisalign corrective system, a page offering $30 cleanings, and a web page with directions to the office. Some strategic details:

Remarketing to visitors to the directions page may not be wise: you already have that user as a customer, you don’t need to sell them again.

Perhaps, depending on the circumstances, you don’t want to aggressively advertise a low-price service like dental cleanings.

Invisalign might be a great target for remarketing: it’s an expensive service where customers are going to do some shopping first before buying and are unlikely to be investigating unless they are interested in a purchase.

Remarketing With Google: Conclusion

We’ve generalized here. Any ad campaign can and should be tailored to your business’ needs. Consider also that Facebook has a remarketing program.