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The Ultimate Austin SEO Company: TastyPlacement Is One of Only 5 Google Marketing Platform Partners in Texas

  • Since 2008, and We Are Still the Top Rated SEO Agency in the Austin Area

    TastyPlacement has been a leading SEO company since our founding over 10 years ago. We’ve demonstrated our dominance and leadership again and again: From our book authorship, to speaking engagements, to our unequaled Google certifications, TastyPlacement has the academic philosophy that consistently delivers results for our clients. Our crowning acheivement came in 2015 when we earned admission to the exclusive Google Marketing Platform Partner program. Only 500 companies worldwide have earned this exclusive certification. Is your SEO Agency qualified for this Google Certification? If not, ask why.

  • Your Business Demands Serious, Experienced SEO Experts

    Digital Marketing & SEO in 2021 is a technically challenging, serious discipline that takes years to master. SEO is not a casual area of study, especially in today’s complex environment. Our SEO experts specialize in web design, search placement, social mediapay-per-click managementlocal maps SEO, customer conversions, and much more. Our WordPress development and designs are personal and high-quality. You can call us now at 512-535-2492. We offer our SEO Services throughout the US, but have a strong affinity to Austin area businesses.

Here’s Some Praise from Our SEO Customers:

I have been an Entrepreneur and active buyer of SEO services for over 10 years. The same was true 10 years ago as it is today: TastyPlacement is the agency you want  if you want your SEO, PPC and marketing done right.

Bo ClaypoolFounder & CEO Monroe & Weisbrod

We have been using TastyPlacement for almost a year now. We have multiple locations over many different states and have been very pleased with both our SEO and our pay per click experience. There are companies that are cheaper, but for the value of service we receive, their pricing is more than fair.

Gary GOwner, Premium Cabinets

TastyPlacement Remains 1 of the Top 5 Most Highly Certified SEO Agencies in Texas

Let us leverage our 16+ years of digital marketing and SEO experience to help you build sales and profits.

Don’t Hire the SEO Student, Hire the Teacher

Among our academic achievements in the universe of SEO is our authorship of WordPress Search Engine Optimization on Packt Publishing. Our SEO book is not an ebook, it’s a full-length printed book first printed in 2012 and distributed by a publisher and available in bookstores and at Amazon. We teach Search Engine Optimization in other ways: several of our team members have spoken at conferences and seminars including several speaking engagements at the international Pubcon conference.

Why hire a student of SEO when you can hire the team that teaches?

What’s an SEO Campaign Like? How Does it Work? (the Long Part)

What Is SEO? A fair question: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving the performance of a website and its related web properties as well as the promotion of those properties to achieve a relative advantage over your competitors for visibility online.That definition is obviously over-simplified, so let’s expand a bit.

How do I improve my website with SEO? First of all, what’s the “performance” of a website? It can mean whether the text, headings, and tags are organized and focused around the proper categories of keywords. Website performance can also mean “does the site load quickly according to Google standards?”

What are the benefits of Google My Business? And, let’s not forget that your website is not the only channel by which you’ll find new customers–TastyPlacement also optimizes your local maps listings and social media properties. All these channels together make a contribution and a good SEO program doesn’t focus on just one. Google maps is particularly important recently, so it’s a major focus of what we do here, and we have had a dedicated department for local maps since 2010. Some SEO companies overlook Google Maps, and we think that’s a mistake.

What is link building and why is it important? SEO has another half, which our definition describes as “the promotion” of web properties. A major element–but not the only element–of promotion is link building. Link building is the process of securing hypertext links from 3rd party websites that point to your website. Search engines count links as votes–and link building is nearly as relevant now as it was before the turn of the century.

Link building is where most SEO campaigns fail, and they fail in two ways. First, some SEO companies simply don’t build links. We get it, link building is slow, tedious and expensive. But without links, your SEO campaign has already failed, period. The other way link building fails is, to speak franky, when the links built on your behalf are crap links–and there are dangers here, too. Link farms, footer links, spammy blog posts, comment spam, all these techniques are forbidden by Google but still go on all the time, and sites are penalized for this stuff all the time. Even if spammy links don’t earn you a penalty, they simply aren’t that effective anyway. Google knows which links are high-quality and rewards sites that have them.

TastyPlacement builds links the right way: no forbidden spam links. We’ve developed great sources and research for links in our 10 years as SEOs and we leverage that experience for you.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring an SEO Company? (in Austin, or Anywhere)

  • This is the Straight Talk About SEO. SEO can be transformative; it can elevate your sales to new levels and can literally shift a small company to a business leader in a very short time (but never in 2 months, that’s just not realistic).

  • How much should I be paying for quality SEO? All together, highly effective SEO boils down to putting in the hard work and the hours to do the job right. Do I sound like I am saying “Effective SEO costs a lot”? Well, maybe so, but the reality is that $400 a month SEO is just not going to do the job. Save your money, because no advertising at that level is going to transform your business.

  • What happens when you buy bad SEO? So, when business owners purchase SEO and select a less experienced SEO for a low price, a few things happen. First, your new digital agency is simply going to put in fewer hours–they aren’t going to lavish your business with free SEO work, right? SEO is a competitive enterprise: Google and the other search engines are rating your website against your competitors. More time and effort means more effectiveness. Couple this with the fact that inexperienced SEOs don’t really know WHAT to do and you have a recipe for wishy-washy performance.

  • Google actively recruits the brightest minds on earth to work on its search engine. Google search is spectacularly complex, and so the act of optimizing a website for search engine performance is not child’s play. A few hours a month and some half-hearted spam links are not going to initiate the transformation that you want for your business.

  • How do I choose the right SEO company? Hiring an SEO company is easy: Find a company that ranks themselves and that Google has seen fit for Certification. The Google Certifications you want to look for are Google Ads Premier (Premier is only for Top 3% Agencies) and Google Marketing Platform/Analytics. TastyPlacement has both certifications.

    You might see some Austin SEO companies displaying fancy badges from TopSEOs, Clutch, and UpCity. Unfortunately, those certifications are simply paid subscriptions, anyone can get them.

Unmatched SEO Expertise and Depth Across Multiple Disciplines

At TastyPlacement we have over a decade of experience in online marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and digital marketing. We have completed over 710 SEO campaigns (the majority in Austin, Texas) in a wide range of industries and local markets including legal education, home improvement services, law, finance, and more.

Industry-Leading Austin SEO Services: Multiple Google Certifications: AdWords, Analytics and GTM

TastyPlacement is one of only 4 Google Marketing Platform Partner companies in the state of Texas. Admission into the GTM program is grueling and reserved for only the most capable companies. TastyPlacement also has earned the highest level of AdWords Certification (Premier). Google says that hiring a certified AdWords partner can “help save you time and maximize your return on investment”. Is your current SEO Company certified?

Need to Support an SEO Campaign? Google-Certified PPC Management

In support of your Austin SEO campaign, we can bring all your marketing initiatives together. We can bring a level of PPC expertise that is nearly impossible to duplicate in an in-house environment. We can squeeze more clicks out of a campaign for the same price that you are already paying now. Our AdWords and PPC expertise is a story unto itself.

We Don’t Commit Clients to Long-Term SEO Contracts

Most web marketing and SEO companies need your commitment to a long-term contract . . . but why? At TastyPlacement, every contract we make is “no commitment, no penalty.” It’s very simple: if we don’t increase your business–it’s not a fit. Our clients stay with us for one reason: because our marketing programs bring them a return. We don’t need your long-term commitment–we’ll earn your continued business with service and results.

Are We Really SEO Experts?

Every SEO Consultant says that. But have they written a full-length book on SEO that was actually published? We have. Have they secured all the high-level certifications for an SEO agency offered by Google? We have.

We outperform other Austin SEO companies because we love what we do & we’ve worked longer, harder, and smarter. When leading IT publisher Packt Publishing wanted to add an SEO book to its catalog, they turned to TastyPlacement. Our collaboration yielded “WordPress Search Engine Optimization”. We speak regularly at national and regional SEO & Digital Marketing Conferences.

Top-Level SEO Expertise and Consulting at Down-to-Earth SEO Pricing

Yes, we cost less than the other national SEO companies–a lot less. How?

  • We aren’t greedy: we know we’ll both do better in the long run if you grow.
  • We are lean: our organization is taut, smart, and well-run.
  • We are wise: because of expertise, we don’t waste time and resources on dead-end strategies.