Why Google Certification Matters

Evaluating Multiple Agencies? Have a Stack of Proposals to Consider? Read Why Google Certification Truly Matters:

First, What Is Google Certification (Adwords, Adwords Premier, Analytics Agency, Tag Manager)?

Google Certification is not an endorsement of an agency, Google does not endorse outside companies. Google offers various levels of certification and accreditation, but the devil, as usual, is in the details:

  • Certification in Adwords means that an agency “has demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise.”
  • And their are multiple levels within certifications. For example, Adwords has regular Adwords partner status and then the elevated, more exclusive Adwords Premier Partner status (that’s the agency YOU want).
  • Google also certifies companies in Analytics. An individual analytics certification is easy-breezy, anyone who passes a test can get it.
  • But the serious certification in Analytics is Google Analytics Partner (GACP) status. GACP is a “company level accreditation for business consultants” that requires a grueling 18-month application process. There are still under 400 GACP agencies worldwide. There are only 4 GACP companies headquartered in Texas (again, that’s the agency YOU want).

So if High-Level Google Certifications Are So Beneficial, Why Don’t More Agencies Have Them?

It’s simple: 99% of Agencies don’t qualify. Think about it–why would an agency that offers SEO/PPC/digital marketing not attain available accreditation from Google? Of course any agency would want to have the accreditation if that agency could attain it.

If Google Recommends Certified Agencies, Shouldn’t You Follow That Advice?

Google says that hiring a certified adwords partner can “help save you time and maximize your return on investment” (read more here).

It’s a simple proposition: more experience, vetting by Google. It’s a no-brainer.