Your Non-Profit Is Eligible for $10,000 in Free Monthly Ads from Google Grants

How it Works: Google Grant Ad Management With TastyPlacement

If you’ve found this page you probably have learned that Google offers Google Grants to Non-Profits. This program donates $10,000 a month in ad spend through Google AdWords to current 501(c)(3) status) charities throughout the world. For many Non-Profits, online advertising can be expensive with little effectiveness. Through Google Ad Grants your charity can reach new markets, connect with potential donors and volunteers all with no additional cost.

For Non-Profits hoping to increase visibility and accomplish strategic marketing goals, Google Grants can harness the power of online advertising without overspending.

  • Apply For Google Grants

    The Grant application process can be stress-inducing for anyone, but here at TastyPlacement we take care of that for you. Once given the necessary information, we will complete the application process for you.

  • Ad Management Services

    Once approved for your $10,0000 per month in free ad spend, or team will craft a personalized campaign suited just to your needs. Want to target internationally? Set ad scheduling? Only target mobile users? No problem We will work with you to conceive the ideal strategy for your non-profit.

  • What To Expect

    After your new campaigns have launched, you can expect to see an increase in traffic to your site, donor contributions and volunteers flowing in. After setup, we will continue to optimize your campaign for maximum reach and profitability.

Other Features of Google Ad Grants

  • Google Grants and Search Ads

    With AdWords your Non-Profit will have full access to the Google Search Network, where 3.5 billion searches are performed daily. Through expert ad creation and analysis, our team can get propel your charities reach to enormous heights.

  • We Leverage Google’s Most Advanced Features

    We leverage the full breadth of Google’s most new, advanced, and powerful features. Through complex targeting, ad enhancements and scheduling management, we’ll build your campaign into a well oiled machine.

  • TastyPlacement: The Ultimate Google Grants Ad Partner

    What better Google Grant ad partner than TastyPlacement? We’ve got dedicated Google Adwords Certified specialists, and we are one of only 4 Google Analytics Certified Partners in Texas.

Leverage Google Ad Grants with Analytics