Facebook Ad Management With TastyPlacement

Introduction to Facebook Ad Marketing

The key to Facebook advertising/marketing is the demographic information that Facebook controls for over 1 billion users. Want to advertise to 30 to 40 year olds in Texas that like video games? Facebook Ads are the most accurate way to target specific demographics. There’s more: Facebook offers remarketing, where ads are shown to members who have previously visited your site. Have an email marketing list? You can import that email list to Facebook and show ads to those users.

Here’s Some Sample Facebook Display Ads in the Wild:


Leverage Powerful Facebook Display Ads

  • TastyPlacement: The Ultimate Facebook Ad Partner

    What better partner than TastyPlacement? We’ve earned years of experience with Facebook ads, and we are one of only 3 Google Analytics Certified Partners in Texas.

  • We Mine Facebook for Your "Perfect" Customers

    Facebook as the data: location, ages, incomes, relationship status, likes, interests and much more. Facebook is quite simply the most powerful set of demographic data available anywhere. We put your message in front of just the right people.

Meet Ricky Rodriguez

Ricky Rodriguez

Ricky Rodriguez

Social Media Dept.

"Ricky is originally from McAllen, Texas but has called Austin home since 2010. He attended St. Edward’s University with a degree in Psychology, eventually working his way into social media management. His hobbies include cooking, dancing, going on hikes, watching movies, and playing with his ginger cat Mr. Bingley."

And Don’t Forget the Power of Analytics