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TastyPlacement Takes Google Analytics to the Next Level

At TastyPlacement, we harness the full power of Google Analytics to show you insights into your consumers’ behavior that you never dreamed were possible. Our analytics consulting company was an early adopter and has been a Google Analytics Certified Partner for nearly a decade. As such, we understand that Google Analytics’ uses are infinite and go beyond web performance metrics, such as “bounce rate” and “time on site”. We are interested in the next level of analytics data that can isolate consumer behavior down to any dimension: time of day, city, country, device, monitor size, etc. This makes Google Analytics an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to get the most of their advertising budget.

We Set Up Customized Google Analytics Installations

Included in all of our marketing campaigns, our custom Google Analytics installations track the digital performance metrics important to your business and industry. Our Google Analytics consulting company understands that each business is different and requires tailored web performance monitoring that looks at a variety of metrics, such as:

  • the time of day customers are viewing your site and when they are buying
  • whether mobile visitors are converting into customers at a higher or lower rate than desktop or tablet users
  • which geographic area’s visitors are more likely to make a purchase
  • your website’s load times for visitors all across the world
  • and THOUSANDS of additional metrics, events, and variations

Analytics by Device

Case Study: Texas Visitors, Conversion Rate by Device

The screen to the left shows a highly customized Google Analytics installation that has been segmented to include only Texas visitors. To report more accurate data, our Google Analytics consulting experts filtered out less-relevant traffic from spam bots and web crawlers. Next, we used advanced segments to divide users based on which device they used to view your site: desktop computer, tablet, mobile phone.

What We Want to Know About Our Visitors

By isolating our users into device groups, we can compare the metric that really matters: conversion rate. In other words, we can determine which devices are converting better. In our example, our analysis determined that consumers using tablets purchased at the highest rate, while mobile visitors were the least likely to purchase.

By leveraging advanced Google Analytics features to monitor web performance, we can make strategic decisions backed by data. In this scenario, we can optimize design elements for high-performing devices and adjust your PPC campaigns toward or away from particular devices, and more.

PPC Analytics

Case Study: Conversion Rate By Ad Campaign

If your business runs multiple ad campaigns in Google Ads, TastyPlacement can isolate your conversion rate by ad campaign. Our Google Analytics consultants will identify low-performing (and high-performing) ad campaigns quickly and precisely. High-performing campaigns can be pushed forward, and poor campaigns can be paused or improved. The screen to the left shows a custom Google Analytics installation used to compare conversion rates by ad campaign.

Combine Google Analytics With Experimentation

Through Google Analytics, we have the ability to isolate and quickly identify which campaigns have the best and worst performance. This allows us to undertake experimental campaigns with far less risk — and far greater rewards if they succeed. For example, we developed and tested a campaign on behalf of a client to target a rural, underserved market: West Texas. The experiment paid off: it turns out that other companies were missing the opportunity to target this unique area. Our advanced Google capabilities kept us informed of our performance by the minute.

Benefits of Hiring a Google Analytics Consulting Service

Clients seeking a Google Analytics consulting service often ask us whether there are more powerful enterprise platforms available. Yes, there are many available analytics platforms, but at TastyPlacement we believe Google Analytics is a better choice because:

  • Google Analytics is free. It keeps costs down, and Google is unlikely to go out of business.
  • Google Analytics offers the most complete integration with Google Ads, which allows us to better optimize your PPC campaigns.
  • Google Analytics is adept at filtering out meaningless spam and bot traffic, which results in more accurate and meaningful data.