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Featured Testimonial from INC500 Company SPIbelt

We use TastyPlacement to optimize our website, www.SPIbelt.com. We sell a Small Personal Item belt called the SPIbelt, and sell fitness DVDs. A few weeks after TastyPlacement went to work, our Google rankings rose considerably, and we currently enjoy a Number 1 ranking in Google for the phrase “Running Belts”, a highly competitive term–and a good place to be!

Kim Overton
Founder & Owner SPIbelt[dot]com

From Jay Baker, Sales Manager at KineticoTX.com

“Thank God for the internet……Y’all have done a great job of keeping us in front of the customer and helping us grow our business!”

From Joe at Self Storage Directory [dot com]:

I don’t write too many recomendations, but I’m very glad to write this one. Michael has been helping me build and write code for one of my websites. He’s easy to work with and he knows his stuff! That he understands the subtleties of creating web pages with HTML and CSS is impressive, but his real skill is building search engine optimization into the foundation of a website. I can say confidently that he has created metatags for my pages that very few programmers would even think of, or that very few SEO experts would know how to accomplish….

From Rob at CustomGarageWorks of Texas:

I run a garage makeover business in Dallas. We had a good looking website before, but we didn’t rank very well in the search engines. Michael and TastyPlacement brought us rankings, internet presence, and our phone started ringing almost immediately. Our business is stronger because of the efforts of TastyPlacement, and we recommend them.


From Jamie at J. Claypool Associates:

Boys!!!!!!! I am so excited. I just got my first call from a doc in California who is coming to Texas!!! It worked Yeah!! Thank you guys it Works!!!!!!!!


From Matt Davis of MonsterRax overhead garage racks:

“We trust our SEO to TastyPlacement exclusively. We had a prior campaign deliver lukewarm results, but when Michael and his team took over, we achieved superior rankings that increased the traffic. Our national brand, MonsterRax overhead garage storage racks, benefits greatly from the continued efforts of TastyPlacement. We recommend them highly.”

-Matt Davis
MonsterRax (Davis Bacon Material Handling)

From Dan at RFS Capital:

Dear TastyPlacment:

TastyPlacement’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was exactly what my company was looking for. We needed to establish a presence in the market place. Our main goal was to gain recognition by increasing our rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. TastyPlacement pushed us to the top of all the major search engine rankings for a wide range of key terms in a very short period of time. TastyPlacement took the initiative to understand our industry and then developed a strategy that produced results. Thank you TastyPlacement for exceeding our expectations and for directly attributing to the profitability of our company.

Dan H.

From Nathan at Garage and Storage Plus:

Dear TastyPlacement,

I am affiliated with GSP as a licensee in the Las Vegas, NV area. I recently had Michael optimize the website for garage racks specifically for the Las Vegas area. I now currently rank #1 in Google for Las Vegas garage racks and other various key words for this product becasue of Michael’s efforts! I also hold a #1 Google ranking for other various key words for the other products and services I offer. I had Michael start this just under a month ago. I have already received 7 phone calls since. 5 of those calls were for garage racks. I have installs scheduled for 3 of those 5 and I have follow up estimate appointments for the other 2. If you do not have an internet presence or would like to improve your internet presence I would highly recommend you use a person of Michael’s caliber and talent. I would have been satisfied just showing up on the first page of Google, so I was shocked to to say the least when I found myself ranking #1 not just in garage racks but also various key word combinations for garage racks as well as my other products and services. Thanks Mike!

Nathan O.

From Andy at RFS Capital:

Dear Tastyplacement:

Tastyplacement rocks!  Michael, you have blown my mind with your SEO knowledge and implementation skills.   Last week, I wasn’t able to find our website on the internet.  After a few ‘waves of your magic wand’, we are in first position on Google???  How you did it, I will never comprehend.  Now I am concerned that we will not have the staff in place to answer the phones which will be ringing off the hook!  Great work & I would recommend your service, expertise and professionalism to all of my business associates (as long as they don’t steal our business)!  Thank you for the great work.

Andy W.