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The Ultimate WordPress SEO Company/Service: TastyPlacement

Wordpress 3 Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to WordPress SEO, we don’t kid around.

We are the authors of WordPress 3 Search Engine Optimization on prestigious publisher Packt Publishing. You can learn more about our book and read reviews by going to the Amazon page for our WordPress SEO book.

We are WordPress evangelists, and we believe strongly in its power as a future-proof, iron-clad platform for both publishing success and SEO/ranking success. If you are currently running a WordPress site or thinking about conversion to WordPress, we can help. And people love us!

WordPress Service for SEO Local, National, eCommerce & More

If you look at any competitive SEO market, you’ll find WordPress sites among the most competitive. We believe in the adaptive power of WordPress. As a content management platform, we’ve had successes with medical practices, law practices, national markets, niche markets, eCommerce, and more.

And, we authored WordPress 3.0 Search Engine Optimization, what better accolade can one earn?

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