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Local SEO Has Changed Profoundly in the Last Year (Even 6 Months). Have You Adapted?

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Your Secret Weapon: Google Maps and Other Local Directories

Local SEO Has Changed Profoundly in the Last Year (Even 6 Months). Have You Adapted?

Local SEO is way more than a buzzword. It’s a new way of thinking about how search engines deliver information to their users. A few years ago, Google was not a player in the cell phone market. Today, all that has changed: Google controls the operating systems of Billions of device users.

Stop. Consider that last statement for a moment.

And let me add an idea: Google controls the GPS location data for Billions of device users. Google knows when your potential customers are physically near your place of business. That’s powerful. Consider also the screenshot to the right–the Google map listings consume the entire visible portion of a typical cellular phone screen. To say that Google places Map Listings “prominently” isn’t strong enough: Google is shoving the Map Listings upon viewers.

Most SEO/Local SEO Companies Are Completely Missing the Opportunity in Local Search

Google Maps (and to a lesser extent, the 2nd-tier directories like Yahoo Local and Yelp) has the potential to deliver 30%, 40%, even 50% more new customers than just a website, even if that website has top-tier SEO. Google Maps are prominent in search results–Google designed it that way. Google Maps represents an entirely independent stream of potential customers for your business. In rapid response and repair-based businesses (locksmiths, AC repair, Flat Tire Repair, etc.) Google Maps can even generate more customers than a full-blown website. But for any business, a well-optimized local directory listing can deliver customers in big numbers. Your competition is already there–why aren’t you?

TastyPlacement Delivers Local Maps Rankings in Any Business Niche

We are proud to be experts at ranking businesses with Google Local Maps, Yahoo Maps, and 20 other local business directories, including Yelp, YellowBot, SuperPages, and many more. We have evangelized on the increasing importance of this search avenue, and our blog post on How Google Local Orders It’s Search Results is one of the most popular tutorials on the internet and earns hundreds of visits each month. Our client, The Butler Firm of Austin–through our stewardship of its Google Maps listing–was one of the first business in the United States to receive a “Favorite Place on Google” Geo-Targeting sticker.

Expert Local SEO Management

We bring more than ranking expertise. We also develop local listings that engage users–with robust content including pictures, videos, and coupons. We also prepare time-tested collateral materials that help your customers post reviews to your local listings–a reliable and necessary way to both improve rankings within local directories, as well as impress prospective clients.