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Google BigQuery Marketing Consultants

If you have a serious PPC campaign, no spreadsheet in the world can handle your marketing analytics. For data sets which include thousands, millions, tens of millions, or billions of lines of data, you need a robust database solution, and we recommend Google’s BigQuery product. TastyPlacement has used this amazing resource to solve a variety of problems, and we would like to share the benefits of this knowledge with you.

What is Google’s BigQuery?

BigQuery is a Google Cloud Platform database product using SQL and similar query syntax. Using Google’s cloud platform, BigQuery effortlessly crunches millions of lines of data in mere seconds. Rather than sit around waiting for answers as an office PC running Microsoft Excel slows to a crawl, you can enjoy your results as fast as you can think of the questions. You get all the computational power and data storage of the largest internet company in the world, all through a web interface.

BigQuery has the further advantage of letting you automate data imports from other Google products, without having to worry about data compatibility or hardware issues. Rather than having to sanitize data input from diverse sources, the Google ecosystem of marketing products play well together, saving time, money, and potentially erroneous conclusions.

Marketing Integrations with Google Ads and BigQuery

Why rely on the Google Ads web interface to assess the effectiveness of your advertising spend, when you can look at every interaction on a granular level? You can schedule Google Ads data to import into BigQuery on a daily basis, giving you a fresh look at your outreach. From there you can group your audiences by any metric. You can drill down to the smallest ad or format a monthly summary to your most specific needs. BigQuery integration with PPC campaigns will explode your capabilities.

Google Analytics 360: Granular Traffic Analysis

Only through the premium Analytics 360 product can you see hit-level interactions with your sites. Load that data into BigQuery and you can trace a user’s journey from attribution to sale to lifetime customer with unprecedented clarity.

Seamless Graphs and Visualizations with Data Studio

BigQuery is the middle step between data sources and the compelling reports available through Google’s Data Studio. Once TastyPlacement has added your BigQuery tabels as a data source, Data Studio can turn that into charts, graphs, and stunning score cards of key metrics.

SEO Backlinks Database Analysis

An enterprise campaign might have millions of backlinks, which will make it difficult to determine even simple questions like how many links are dofollow and how many nofollow and even how many unique root domains refer to the target site. TastyPlacement has compiled backlink databases and created reports highlighting important SEO trends within the data.

TastyPlacement: Consultants for Your Big Data Marketing

As a digital marketing agency to enterprise campaigns, TastyPlacement has the expertise and experience to guide you to insights and visualizations buried within a galaxy of data. Find out how we can solve your big data problems!