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Competing Company CompleteWebResources:

I make my living doing SEO and founded an agency that competes with TastyPlacement. I have read Michael’s book, and have seen him speak at national conferences on SEO. I know when digital marketing is done right, and Michael and his team do extremely high-quality work. TastyPlacement is one of the top firms in the region, and is highly respected among its peers.

of Austin-Based SEO Agency CompleteWebResources.com4.5/5 stars

TastyPlacement Reviews: the Good and the Bad

A Few Words About Negative Reviews (But Please Read to the End)

I am Michael, the founder of TastyPlacement. If you are thinking of working with us, I want to get something out in the open, and consistent with our style of doing things differently, I want to offer the following: if you look hard enough, you will find a small number of negative reviews about our company. We’ve had about 300 clients since we started in 2008, and while most clients love us, we have had a handful of clients in our six-year history that have not been happy. In our defense, I want to offer the following:

  • Our advertising programs are month-to-month so our clients are free to part ways with us if we don’t achieve their goals; that is a powerful protection for clients that few others offer.
  • Every one of our current clients are free to leave our program at any time. The only reason we are in business today is because our clients like what we do.
  • It’s true that not every single campaign we’ve ever worked on has succeeded. Any advertising agency, digital or otherwise, that won’t admit that isn’t telling the truth.
  • Some of the reviews (but not all, we freely admit that!) are fake negative reviews placed by our competitors.
  • Some negative employee reviews on sites like Glassdoor were posted by former employees after we let them go.

The Good: What Great Business Leaders Say About Us

The other side of the coin is the overwhelming majority of business owners and professionals who love our work. And please notice something else: many of our vocal supporters are leading businesses, celebrated entrepreneurs, and peers.

From Inc 500 Company SPIbelt:

We use TastyPlacement to optimize our website, www.SPIbelt.com. We sell a Small Personal Item belt called the SPIbelt, and sell fitness DVDs. A few weeks after TastyPlacement went to work, our Google rankings rose considerably, and we currently enjoy a Number 1 ranking in Google for the phrase “Running Belts”, a highly competitive term.

Kim Overton
Founder & Owner SPIbelt[dot]com

From National Garage Rack Manufacturer SafeRacks/MonsterRax:

We trust our SEO to TastyPlacement exclusively. We had a prior campaign deliver lukewarm results, but when Michael and his team took over, we achieved superior rankings that increased the traffic. Our national brand, MonsterRax overhead garage storage racks, benefits greatly from the continued efforts of TastyPlacement. We recommend them highly.

Matt Davis