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Mobile SEO and Digital Marketing

The mobile tipping point has long since passed us by: millions of customers now search the web for products and services on mobile devices.

With a Mobile Website, Thousands of Mobile Users Find Your Products and Services

Mobile SEO

Even in a local market, thousands of searches now take place on smartphones and mobile devices. Is your website design ready to receive this traffic? If it isn’t, you are losing customers.

Mobile Websites That
Rank In Search Engines

Our mobile website designs are seamlessly integrated into your existing site. Smartphones and mobile devices are automatically detected while desktop and laptop users see your regular website. With our solution, there is no messy subdomain or alternate website location like “mobile.yourcompany.com” to confuse users and be ignored by search engines. Our mobile solution is reliable and tested. Because the domain name for your traditional website and mobile site are the same, your mobile site appears in search.

Try It and See…

Try it yourself…search with your smartphone in Google for “Austin SEO”–you’ll see TastyPlacement.com in the search results. Click the result and you’ll see our mobile version displayed automatically. Not only that, give us a squeeze. If you are viewing this site on a desktop or laptop browser, shrink the width of the browser with your mouse and the design will automatically respond to the browser size. This feature is called responsive design (and it’s the future of the mobile web).

Mobile User Statistics

We love statistics. When we read recently that the number of mobile users surfing websites had spiked recently, and was headed toward 4% of web page requests, we took notice.

The Changing Landscape of Mobile Search

Mobile Site

The tiny mobile phone screens of just a few years ago have given way to millions of larger, internet-ready devices: the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Palm devices, and more.

Google and the smaller search engines have stayed ahead of the curve, offering a PDA-specific search page and PDA-specific results.

But you need more than a mobile designer: you need a group of skilled search placement specialists that ensure that your mobile site can be found by mobile users. Here at TastyPlacement, we have that expertise.

Why Our Mobile Sites Are Better (and Free)

Mobile DesignThey Rank in Search Results. Unlike all other major mobile website solutions, our mobile sites appear in search results–because they are integrated automatically with your high-ranking website.

They’re Free. Our mobile sites are included in our monthly marketing plans, there is no need to spend thousands on a mobile-specific solution. We integrate our mobile solution with your existing site.

They’re Automatic. Our mobile sites are integrated–our mobile sites automatically and seamlessly detect all mobile visitors and serve the mobile version of your site to users on mobile devices. There is no specific, hard-to-find mobile domain like “mobile.attorneywilliamson.com.” Your website domain is your mobile domain–no tricks, no separate domain to remember. Try it: point your iphone or smartphone to TahoeSeo.com and you’ll see a mobile version.

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