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Getting Started with Proximity Beacons

Proximity Beacons are intelligent Bluetooth Devices (like the Estimote beacon displayed on the right) that we deploy in your physical workspace. These Beacons emit a bluetooth signal that allows you to reach customers through their phones–that’s really simplified but illustrative.

An example will illustrate further. Say you are a bicycle retailer. You can deploy beacons that display alerts on customers’ phones that say “20% Off Sale on All Scott Cycles”. That’s the retail use case, but Proximity Beacons can do so much more–and will do more in years to come.[particle-background-wp]

Proximity Beacon

Integrating Your Marketing with Proximity Beacons

There are simply too many conceivable use cases to cover here in a few paragraphs. However, if you’d like to see how Proximity Beacons can help you get a jump on the competition, reach out to TastyPlacement.