SEO and Internet Marketing Sales Associate

Update January 2019: We have filled this position, but

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About TastyPlacement

Tastyplacement is:

      • a marketing agency offering SEO, Paid Search, remarketing, sophisticated analytics and design consultation
      • one of only a few hundred companies worldwide to earn Google’s Certified Analytics Partner status
      • a highly academic agency, with speaking engagements and book authorship
      • 6 years of operation, profitable from day 1 and financially sound with no venture capital or big money oversight
      • a work hard/play hard digital culture

About the Position

We are seeking one hyper-productive individual who demands a high income and who possesses the passion and disciplined behavior to make it happen. TastyPlacement is one of the most highly certified digital marketing agencies in our part of the country, and we need to grow our staff to make new connections with customers–a mix of responding to inbound inquiries from our marketing and reaching out to new companies. Selected candidates will be over-achievers with a strong technological aptitude who have:

        • intense desire, commitment, outlook and responsibility
        • a bullet-proof positive and optimistic attitude
        • a fearless entrepreneurial spirit
        • a seething passion for learning
        • a strong sense of personal accountability
        • an abundance mentality
        • the discipline to operate effectively and efficiently in a collaborative environment
        • the ability to sell ideas and products using a consultative methodology
        • a friendly, outgoing personality
        • mental toughness
        • a commitment to create their own future
        • an open mind and a willingness to learn/apply unconventional methods to conventional “old-school” processes

This role is very unique and not for everyone. However, it is amazing for the right type of individual. Comprehensive screening and evaluation, intense on-boarding and recurrent training are provided, along with excellent salary, benefit and compensation packages.

Finalists will be selected from a field of hundreds of candidates. If you are interested in learning more and think you have what it takes to win, please send us a Word or PDF copy of your resume (to jobs[at] and tell us directly (without the use of jargon or three letter acronyms) who you are, where you intend to go and why we should be talking further.

We hope to hear from you soon.